Our Vision:


A Place to grow and thrive


Our Mission:


Learners from the Derrimut Community graduate as critical, creative and reflective inquirers. They work collaboratively and independently as problem solvers, who co-create and evaluate learning goals. Learners demonstrate curiosity and active citizenship, through personalised pathways, to lead local and global change, making a difference in their lives and the lives of their community.


Our Values:


academic rigour





Overarching Goal:


Developing understanding and transferability in every subject and developing key habits of mind (dispositions) that signify a mature and effective adult.


Annual Report

Student Learning and engagement goals

1. To improve students’ ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively in cognitive and affective states in all disciplines


Key improvement strategies

- Build teacher capacity to differentiate the curriculum through personalised pathways and 21st century capabilities

- Build teacher capacity to collaboratively use data to improve student learning outcomes


Student Engagement and wellbeing goal

2. To improve student engagement with learning through building student wellbeing and positive working relationships among all students


Key improvement strategy

- To build staff capacity to work collaboratively and to give and receive effective feedback for learning, wellbeing and engagement


Student Pathways and transition goal

3. To improve the transition of students at key points in their schooling

Key improvement strategy

- Develop whole school processes and programs to provide a seamless and sequential learning journey with effective transitions into, through and from the school for all students.