Derrimut Primary School commenced operations in 2010 and is one of 11 schools in the Public, Private Partnerships (PPP) program. Derrimut PS is a government school opened to serve the educational needs of the growing suburb of Derrimut. The backgrounds of students reflect a cultural and socio-economic diversity including a number of children from non-English speaking backgrounds. It opened with 250 students in 2010 and has a current enrolment of 546 with an expectation to grow rapidly beyond 700 in the next year and settling to approximately 470 within the next 10 years.


The Derrimut Primary School community is committed to providing innovative programs that stimulate and challenge each student to develop lifelong learning skills and strategies. We provide a safe, nurturing environment where teachers, students, parents and the community work in an effective partnership.


Derrimut Primary School has extremely talented and professional staff, who work closely together to ensure the educational and wellbeing needs of all students are met. The development of a core set of values (Academic Rigour, Respect, Leadership and Teamwork) and a whole school approach to cognitive and emotional engagement has led to a consistent and supportive environment in which students flourish. Underpinning programs at Derrimut Primary School is the belief and commitment to the school’s motto:


“A place to grow and thrive”


The school prides itself on the excellent facilities which link learning with environment and valuing diversity and sustainability. Children are grouped in home rooms around a learning community. There are two Art/science spaces and break out rooms. The main building is centred around the resource centre, where children have access to state of the art research and literary facilities. Learning spaces and opportunities are not confined to indoors but extend out to a full sized oval and our own wetland area and native gardens.


The school has a full sized indoor basketball court, two outdoor courts and a lovely play area for children. Most of which has extensive shade structures in place. The YMCA is a valued partner of Derrimut Primary School and runs a long day care centre and before and after school centre in an adjacent community hub.


The facilities are being developed to ensure students have the opportunities and learning spaces to lead their learning, be independent, have choice and take risks.


The school is organised into multi-aged learning communities with teachers assigned to a home group and team members operating as learning advisors in Learning Community Teams. Depending on the students inquiry work, other Learning advisors are available to support their research questions.


The curriculum is personalised and centres on students questions to lead an inquiry or action research model to investigate overarching concepts and through lines. Inquiry based units explore deep knowledge (Humanities, Science, Technology and Health) and are in line with conceptual through-lines developed by all stakeholders. This situates learning within a political, social and cultural context, globally and locally. The curriculum develops pathways to personalisation through formative assessment and goal setting, rich multi-literacies programs supported by a rich 21st century multimodal approach including a 1:1 laptop program in the 3-6 area and mentoring , coaching and leadership programs across the school.


The Victorian Essential Learning Standards and the new assessment and reporting procedures have been implemented into Derrimut Primary School’s curriculum programs. Student voice is valued at Derrimut and is reflected in student led goal setting, conferences and participation is in decision making activities for the school and the community. Curriculum Support programs operate in Physical Education, The Arts and Languages


All children are supported at their point of intervention through individual learning plans. Learning intervention is seen as part of the whole classroom experience and not withdrawal. Programs to extend and enrich students are also offered throughout the school through passion projects and personalise inquiry research.


Derrimut Primary School provides the school community with an educational facility that is unique in its innovative programs-delivered by dedicated staff, enjoyed by enthusiastic students and supported by families in striving for excellence in learning and achievement beyond the school gates.