We often have many questions regarding Mathletics and what parents can do to help their children practise what they have learnt at school.


Mathletics is one way you can support your children in practising the skills and understandings they have learnt throughout the week. Students enjoy using Mathletics as they get instant feedback around whether they have answered a question correctly. They are able to work towards achieving a certificate that is presented to them in front of their peers.


Earning certificates is a nice incentive to practise their Numeracy skills, however all students who have used Mathletics during the week are acknowledged in their communities, as their effort in practising their learning goals should also be recognised.


To help extend your child’s understanding of the strategies they know while they are using Mathletics you could ask them the following questions:

• How did you work that answer out?

• What is that strategy called?

• Why did you choose to work it out that way?

• Could you have solved that problem another way?


By asking these questions you are helping your child improve their reasoning skills. If you have any questions about Mathletics or need another copy of your child’s log in details please approach your child’s Learning Advisor.